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Insurance policies generally do not cover those not legally related to the policyholder (whether by blood, through adoption, or in marriage). 

How Does My Insurance Work?

Insurance helps cover the insured’s medical and financial expenses (the policyholder and their legal dependents). If you, the policyholder, would like to add dependents, there has to be a legal and financial connection. 

However, you may be able to add her to your policy if you live in a state that recognizes common-law marriage or domestic partnerships. For common law and domestic partnerships to be recognized, a minimum number of years of shared residence is usually required (this can range anywhere from 4-10 years). Maryland does not recognize common law marriage except in very specific circumstances.

Even if you meet the qualifications to add your girlfriend to your policy, you most likely need to wait to add her. Most insurance plans have specific enrollment periods each year when you can add new people. Review your insurance policy or speak with your insurance company to determine your options

How Can I Safeguard Her Health Before an Abortion?

You should always discuss any questions or concerns with a trusted physician or pregnancy center to help protect her health. 

We offer free pre-abortion consultations to help you and your partner navigate her unplanned pregnancy. This consultation includes a no-cost pregnancy test and information about what to do before considering an abortion.

Next Steps

Contact us today for a free and confidential appointment. We would be happy to answer your questions and discuss your current situation. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

An unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult and scary time, but you’re not alone. We’re here to help you and your girlfriend walk this road, getting all the information you need to feel confident in your decision.

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