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Is She Pregnant?

Perhaps you are wondering if your partner is even carrying your baby. Maybe friends and family are encouraging you to push her to have an abortion. Whatever your situation, you are not alone.

Lots of couples experience a “surprise” pregnancy and immediately worry about how this will affect their future. Abortion seems like an easy and legal choice, but there are significant risks to consider. Explore all your options before deciding what’s next.

Supporting Your Partner

It is hard to realize that women can choose abortion without the permission of the baby’s father. Many women who have had abortions report that they were waiting for their boyfriend/husband to stop them. Some even say that they sat on the table hoping the father of the baby would “rush through the door to rescue me and take me away somewhere safe”.

StandING Beside Your Partner

A woman in an unexpected pregnancy rarely wants to make this big pregnancy choice alone. She is looking to you for support because she can’t confide in many people about this situation.

When women hear men say, “Don’t look at me to tell you what to do,” they automatically believe the man wants the abortion. Be careful that you don’t say something that you could regret.

Assure her that you will stand beside her in whatever way she needs through this difficult time. Tell her that she does not have to make a certain decision to please you.

How Can Choose Hope Women’s Center Help Me?

At Choose Hope Women’s Center we firmly believe that Dads Matter Too! We have male volunteers ready to encourage dads in the same way that we encourage and support moms. We call them “Dad Coaches”.

Our Dad Coaching Program helps you clarify your dreams and life goals! This program is a one-on-one, 6 session opportunity for men to set goals and have a coach ready to help you achieve them.

For each session you meet with your coach, you will receive a $10/gas gift card click here to register to be a part of the Dad Coaching program today!

If Choose Hope Women’s Center can help in any way, please let us know at (443) 356-0086 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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