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No-Cost and Confidential Women's Center

While pregnancy and their related issues are the objective of the Choose Hope Women’s Center ministry, our volunteers see and do so much more.Volunteers see clients on a regular basis who deal with issues of abortion, rape, abuse, addiction, homeless, jobless, and limited education. Some have mental and/or physical disabilities, sexually transmitted disease, speak no English, have no insurance, have criminal histories, and have children who are no longer in her custody.  Each one of these circumstances by themselves is difficult, but when there are multiple issues, and a pregnancy on top, clients feel like their world is crashing down on them.

sunflower messageNot only can the client feel overwhelmed but the volunteer assisting her may as well. This is why our volunteers are trained to take it one step at a time. We can’t solve all the problems, and the ones we can take time. It’s difficult for a client to quiet her mind, but time and understanding are what she needs most now. Time to take a breath, let her guard down, and grieve in a safe environment. She needs time to sort through her situation, time to put the problems into perspective, time to figure out what can be changed and what has to be accepted. Time to learn her options and what help is available to her. Time to make a plan and take a first step in a new direction. Often the client already has the answers. She just can’t see them through the crisis. If she takes things just one at a time, we usually can come up with some solutions that will work. Each small step taken is a victory and gives her strength and confidence for the next step. She has nine months to get ready for her baby. She doesn’t need to have all the answers today, our volunteers will be here throughout her pregnancy, assisting her step by step.

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