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woman in shameThe door to our office opened

…and in walked a woman who was visibly upset. As I greeted her tears flooded her eyes and she cried, “Please don’t judge me.”  I gently replied, “I promise I won’t.” She said she had been struggling emotionally with a recent abortion, and needed to speak with someone. I realized the courage it took her to reach out, and felt blessed that God brought her here.

When people in our community hear the name Choose Hope Women’s Center, most immediately associate it with crisis pregnancies or assisting moms with services, and baby items…and it IS a great part of our ministry. Others may conclude that if a woman leaves our counsel and decides to abort her baby, Choose Hope Women’s Center no longer assists her. This is far from the truth – we understand the crisis of a woman who chooses to end her pregnancy, no matter the circumstances.

Choose Hope Women’s Center has been a safe haven for both clients and volunteers in Harford County for 40 plus years. We had women whom we’ve counseled for post-abortions, who later in life become involved in Choose Hope Women’s Center, and feel the need to be trained in lay counseling. Our volunteers are from all walks of life, and understand the pain and shame of abortion. No matter the reason women come here, we do not sit in judgment.

Choose Hope Women’s Center offers unconditional love and support to all in crisis. Our Post-Abortion Ministry was established to help woman ease their pain and begin the healing process.  We honor their ‘secret‘ with love and respect. We also direct them to resources which offer additional help. Our initial response to each woman is critical if she is to trust others down the road of healing. We can also direct them to some wonderful resources that offer help to post-abortive women.

So, yes, those first words “Please don’t judge me” have stayed with me – I think of them and her often. I don’t ever want to forget because it was in that moment I felt so proud to be part of the Choose Hope Women’s Center ministry… so glad that God touched her heart to seek help. So blessed that God put Choose Hope Women’s Center right here in Harford County to be there for that woman at that moment in time. There are no mistakes, He makes all things new!

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