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If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are alternative options to abortion. These include adoption, which means placing your baby with a loving family. You can also choose parenting, allowing you to raise your child yourself. Both are big decisions, but each can be rewarding in their own way.

If you already know abortion is not an option you want to pursue, read the article below on the remaining two options to help you make an informed decision. 


While parenting comes with its challenges and rewards, make sure you take time to reflect on some key areas to help evaluate how prepared you are:

  • Support networks – Do I have family, friends, or community organizations that could help provide childcare, guidance, or other assistance as needed?
  • Living situation – Where will my child and I live, and is it financially and practically suitable for a newborn? 
  • Education and career – Are there options to continue furthering my education or working towards career goals even after having a baby?

Remember – you do not need to have all the answers immediately. Whether single parenting or with a partner, many programs exist to help support women with unplanned pregnancies.

The Choose Hope Women’s Center team can help you navigate this journey as you consider parenting. Contact us today for a free appointment where you can ask questions and learn about the many resources available.


If you are considering adoption, you can create  a plan fitting your situation as the biological parent. Some useful terms include:

  • Open Adoption– You have an in-person relationship with your child and your chosen adoptive family. Open adoption makes up the majority of adoptions today.
  • Closed Adoption– You do not have a relationship with your child or adoptive family, and the courts seal details about you and the adoption.
  • Semi-Open Adoption– You communicate through the adoption agency of your choice to exchange non-identifying information with the adoptive parents. 

With different adoption options, you can choose what works best for you. Adoption agencies often assist with pregnancy/birth medical costs and living expenses.

If adoption interests you, we offer free consultations that allow you to ask any questions in a pressure-free environment.

Next Steps

No matter where you are on your pregnancy journey, we are here to empower you with information and support. 

Whether you want to schedule a free ultrasound or options consultation, we are here to connect you to local resources and act as a support system as you make a decision. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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