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An unplanned pregnancy can bring about many questions and fears. You have options, but knowing the best path to take for your situation can be challenging.

The Abortion Option

Abortion is a very personal decision. Usually, she may feel unable to support a growing family because of her current lifestyle or living situation.

With so many different opinions about what is best for you, it is essential to speak with a trusted medical provider or pregnancy center to get the answers you need without feeling any pressure.

If you feel that abortion may be an option for you, it is crucial that you:

  • Get a physical exam to understand your health entirely.
  • Give a full report of your medical history and list any current conditions.
  • Take a clinical pregnancy test with an ultrasound to confirm you are pregnant and to ensure it is not ectopic (which cannot be treated with a medical abortion).  
  • Speak with a physician or pregnancy center to understand the potential risks, complications, and available options to you.

The Adoption Option

Like abortion, adoption is also a very personal decision. Adoption has the added benefit of providing a hopeful couple with the ability to grow their family while giving yourself the freedom you desire. 

It takes strength to choose adoption because it is a rewarding but often difficult experience. However, you have complete control, from selecting the couple to determining how often (if at all) you interact with the child after adoption.

Who Can I Talk To?

While this can be a terrifying and challenging time, we are here to listen and help. You deserve to have all your questions answered in a stress-free environment so you can feel confident in your decision. 

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