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If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and wondering if abortion is your only option—the answer is no! Parenting and adoption are two different choices you can make for your pregnancy. 

Read on to learn more about your other pregnancy options. Looking to speak to someone in person about your pregnancy? Contact Choose Hope Women’s Center today to be connected with one of our caring team members. All appointments are always free and confidential. 

What Are My Pregnancy Options?

Abortion is the only pregnancy option that ends your pregnancy. While parenting and adoption require you to carry your pregnancy to term and give birth, many women find these options to be highly rewarding. 


Parenting might feel impossible. Maybe you don’t feel ready to be a parent, or maybe you don’t have financial or family support. While these are all understandable feelings and situations, parenting is still an option. 

Many community resources are available to help provide financial and emotional support if you choose to parent. At Choose Hope Women’s Center, we offer free community referrals to help you feel prepared to parent, including help with housing, prenatal and baby items, medical assistance, and more.


Adoption is a selfless act that gives your pregnancy a future and also gives adoptive parents the joy of completing their family. While adoption can be highly rewarding, it can be equally as difficult. 

If you’re considering adoption, it’s essential to speak with an adoption counselor about the adoption process and what you can expect during and after. 

How Can I Decide?

While only you can decide what’s best for you and your situation, knowing all you can about each option can help you make a confident choice. 

Researching information about each option can help, but talking to someone who will listen can be just as helpful. At Choose Hope Women’s Center, we can provide information about each of your options and answer any questions. The choice is yours to make, but we’re here to help you feel supported along the way. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members in a non-judgmental, caring space.

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