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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by difficult emotions after having an abortion, you’re not alone. Studies show that women who have an abortion are 80 percent more likely to suffer from mental health struggles compared to women who carried their pregnancy to term. 

Whether you’re experiencing guilt, shame, regret, or anxiety after an abortion, there is hope. With the right support and resources, you can heal from the grief of your loss. 

Where Can I Turn?

Grief and other complex emotions can feel like a heavy burden, but talking to someone about them can help lift that weight. No matter what you’re feeling after an abortion, finding a trusted person to talk to can help. 

Friends, relatives, or even a counselor are all good options, but it’s important that the person you open up to is supportive. You want to choose someone who will provide a listening ear and let you be honest about your feelings. 

Journaling Can Help

If you’re not quite ready to open up to another person, journaling can help you work through your difficult thoughts and feelings. When journaling, you don’t need to worry about saying the right thing or correct spelling. Journaling is all about writing down whatever is on your mind. 

If staring at a blank piece of paper seems intimidating, try answering these questions to get you started: 

  • What are the most difficult emotions I’ve been feeling since the abortion?
  • What seems to make these feelings worse?
  • What could help me find peace? 

It might seem surprising, but the more you journal, the more you’ll come to realize your feelings and the less overwhelming they’ll become.

You’re Not Alone

Difficult emotions can be isolating and make you feel like you’re alone in them. But here at Choose Hope Women’s Center, we understand what you’re going through. We offer free and confidential post-abortion support services that can help you work through what you’re feeling. Whether you had an abortion recently or long ago, it’s never too late to find healing. Contact us today to be encouraged in a welcoming environment. 

You are muchstronger
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