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This is the last in a three-part series of articles originally published in our print newsletter. You may download the full Summer 2020 newsletter here.



You Can Help, Too!

Birhtright donor Parker Howell

A little girl with a big heart has inspired many to donate to Choose Hope Women’s Center.

Sitting in her Kindergarten class, five-year-old Parker Howell took a religious lesson to heart. Later that day, she told her mother, Christine, that she wanted to “do the Bible.” Parker explained that this meant she wanted to help babies who didn’t have anything. Christine asked her how, and Parker responded that they could make a video and send it to every single person her mother knew. Seeing her daughter’s sincere desire to help, Christine agreed.

The Howells recorded a video in which Parker says, “I learned about Bible in school. Would you please help me? I really want to help the babies that don’t have anything.” Christine and her husband, Jason, shared it on Facebook along with a post asking for donations for Choose Hope Women’s Center. In response, people in their network of Facebook friends donated money and gently used baby and maternity clothes, blankets, and books. Parker also spoke to human resources at Target in Aberdeen, and they gave her a $100 gift card to spend on baby items.

The cash donations amounted to $685, which Parker spent on baby items. She bought 645 diapers, 36 bottles of shampoo and body wash, 13 cans of formula, 18 tubes of diaper rash cream, 61 sippy cups, and much, much more. Parker personally delivered the items to Choose Hope Women’s Center, where they could be distributed to families in need.

Christine is awed that her daughter made such a huge impact at so young an age. “I can’t wait to see what this kind soul does next,” she says, “because this is just the beginning.”

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