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No-Cost and Confidential Women's Center

Do you ever wonder if the kindness you extend today has any long term significance?

There once was a teenage Girl who found herself pregnant and thought her world would end.

She met a Woman who held out her hand and said she would walk with the Girl on her frightening journey.

The Girl bore a Daughter who brought healing and love to all.

The Girl met a man, married, and had four other children and lived a wonderful life.

God called the Girl to volunteer at Choose Hope Women’s Center so that she, like the Woman, could extend a loving hand to other women the same way the Woman had helped her.

The Daughter grew, excelled in school, graduated from college, found a worthy profession, and married.  The Daughter became pregnant and had a beautiful child of her own.  And the Girl?  The Girl is a grandmother for the first time.  I am the Girl.

What a profound experience it is to realize that my baby just had a baby of her own – it’s amazing!  What’s more amazing is to realize that one decision, made by a frightened, pregnant teenager long ago, has generational consequences.  It was the kindness and care of a stranger –

who helped me in my crisis pregnancy,

who did not judge me,

who helped me have my baby,

who loved me to life,

that continues to have a ripple in the pond of life.

Do you ever wonder if the kindness you show today has any long term significance?  It does!  I’m living proof.  And as the Director of Choose Hope Women’s Center for the last 26 years I’ve seen the long term effects of a life touched by the kindness of one of my volunteers – effects of a financial donation to keep our doors open, along with a material gift to tangibly support a new family.

Always remember that a simple kindness can and will lead to miracles we may never see.  Thank you for the hand of kindness that you offer others.

You are muchstronger
than you think