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baby bottle filled with moneyChoose Hope Women’s Center began the Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign to offer students a way to help us. My hope was to spread the message of Choose Hope Women’s Center, and if we received extra money it would be a great bonus. What we found was that a little spare change can indeed add up quickly. Now we are offering the program to anyone who’d like to participate.Over the years, churches, schools, and clubs have participated and collected hundreds of dollars in coins, cash, and checks. The Goddard School in Forest Hill and White Marsh have a campaign every year with gifts of more than $1000 per center. A former client wanted to give back to Choose Hope Women’s Center, and asked her church to do a Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign. She raised $1700 for us. The biggest surprise of all was when St. Margaret Church and the Bel Air Knights of Columbus recently completed a Baby Bottle Boomerang campaign and raised over $22,000. How blessed we are for the generosity of our community. Many thanks to all the people who contributed through these campaigns.

The money raised through campaigns strengthens the work we do at Choose Hope Women’s Center and enable us to expand and reach more people in need. Our goal is to help people who are struggling with a pregnancy. We do this by offering kindness, care, and support. A Baby Bottle Campaign helps this mission in three ways. First, it brings awareness of Choose Hope Women’s Center to those participating in the campaign. Our message is for the young and old alike. Second, it brings financial resources that stay in our local Bel Air office. Third, it offers hope and encouragement to our volunteers and clients. At times this work can be difficult and discouraging. When you walk along side of us we are reminded that we are not alone and our community supports what we do.

This campaign is really a simple fundraiser that anyone can do. On average the baby bottles carry between $10-20 in spare change (and most of us have spare change laying around). If you would like host a Choose Hope Women’s Center Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign, give us a call 410-838-0443.

I hope you’re having a great Summer! Please keep us in your prayers.

Carol Maglov, Director

Would you consider being a Choose Hope Women’s Center Volunteer?

We are looking for a few good women and men to work with our clients. We need help in the office on Fridays from 10am to 2pm. We will train you and you will work alongside an experienced volunteer. Give us a call to find out more.

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