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In May we celebrate Mother’s Day, and in June we celebrate Father’s Day. This is a joyous opportunity to tell our mother and father how much they mean to us. While this is a great day of remembrance, it is also a difficult day for the mother and father who are without their child. They may have been lost through miscarriage, abortion, or death. There are also parents who made an adoption plan or possibly a child has been estranged from them.

forever loved signWe believe that once you conceive a child you are always a mother or father. It doesn’t matter the outcome; this fact doesn’t change. And on holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day these parents will struggle.

If you know of a parent who has lost a child, reach out to them. Often we think that we should say nothing so we don’t remind them. The truth is you’re not reminding them because they never forgot. I was told by one mother that the hardest thing on Mother’s Day is having people avoid her or act like it never happened. It did happen and she is a mother. Try simple words like, “I remembered you this Mother’s Day (Father’s Day.”) If they want to talk about it, let them, if not, let your brief words be enough. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness in reaching out and caring.

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