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Before getting an abortion, take control of your health and safety and do these three simple things:

  • Take a reliable pregnancy test
  • Receive an ultrasound
  • Talk to a trusted professional

Why Take Another Pregnancy Test?

Although most home pregnancy tests are reliable, sometimes there is room for error. This can be due to the following:

  • Medical condition
  • Medications used
  • Faulty Test

Receiving a reliable test at a qualified facility with professionals combined with giving a health history, stating medications used, and any other critical medical factors can assure you’re getting a result you can trust.  

Why Get An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound helps provide information that you need for:

  • Knowing your options and the procedures you qualify for
  • Protecting your health
  • Confirming pregnancy

Ultrasound imaging is used to confirm a pregnancy and provide you with what options are available to you based on the status of the pregnancy.

Some women do not qualify for certain abortions based on the age of the pregnancy or their own health conditions.

If an ultrasound reveals an ectopic pregnancy, it is usually considered a medical emergency, and you should seek treatment before complications arise.

Why Should I Speak With A Professional?

Speaking with a medical professional can assist in assuring you protect your wellness and safety. Providers have more medical knowledge and can help guide women to making informed decisions that consider their health, possible drug interactions, and more.

Providing a thorough medical history, currently used medications, and any concerns you have is essential to understand how an abortion procedure might impact you.

Where Can I Go?

Here at Choose Hope Women’s Center, we have a team that can help you understand all your options and put you in contact with medical professionals that make your health a priority. Contact us today for a free, confidential appointment. Let’s figure out the next step together. We’re here for you.


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